Can A Massage Therapist Become A Physiotherapist?

Can a massage therapist become a physiotherapist? Yes, a massage therapist can become a physical therapist if he has a bachelor’s degree. Other than that, the physical therapy program, giving exams, and obtaining a license as a physical therapist is also mandatory requirements.

If you see, physiotherapists have a great demand. When a patient transpires any sort of injury, the doctor will recommend he go to a physiotherapist.

Whereas, massage therapists work for relieving stress and providing relaxation to the body. Or if the massage therapist has the skill of a physical therapist too, that would be a cherry on top.

Well, in this article we will discuss how a massage therapist can become a physiotherapist. Keep reading.

Can A Massage Therapist Become A Physiotherapist?

It has happened a lot of times that massage therapists have applied for a secondary license to become a physiotherapist.

The reason can be, physiotherapists have greater demand than massage therapists. Similarly, physiotherapists earn higher salaries than massage therapists. So it’s inevitable that massage therapists would want to step into the field of physical therapy. He can fulfill his desire if he has a bachelor’s degree.

Usually, a physiotherapist takes 3 years to complete the physical therapy training program. Besides, a master’s degree is also an important qualification that a good professional physiotherapist must have.

Work of A Massage Therapist

A massage therapist mainly works for removing stress and pain. His therapy will give immediate relaxation to the muscle spasms. The treatment includes manipulation of soft tissues, like- tendons, joints, ligaments, etc.

Work of A Physiotherapist

A physiotherapist works on joint functions and muscles with the purpose of rehabilitation. His work is to increase the strength and function of the body through manipulation exercises.

When an individual goes through sprains or fractures, the doctor commonly suggests having appointments with a physiotherapist.

Requirements of A Massage Therapist

Now the question is, what are the degrees and qualifications of a massage therapist? All being well, a massage therapist needs to have a registration, the same goes for the physiotherapist too.

A massage therapist must qualify for the Massage Therapist Diploma Program. He will get his certificate from his college.

For example- the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development has the rule of having the Certificate of registration from the college. That is the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Requirements of A Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists can’t step into this field without a master’s degree. Besides, he needs to be registered as a physiotherapist or physical therapist.

For example- a massage therapist got his certificate of registration from the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. In this way, the physiotherapist will get his certificate of registration from the college itself.

The License of A Massage Therapist And Physiotherapist

A massage therapist gets his license in 1 year or even less than that. Whereas, a physical therapist takes 10 years to earn the license.

A massage therapist could lead his profession after completing a massage therapist training program. Then he surely gained hands-on experience, attended the license exam, and applied for the state license.

The case is different for a physiotherapist. He must complete the courses in pharmacology, clinical rotations, neuroscience, and residency. Besides, a bachelor’s degree is a must-have for a physiotherapist along with a degree in Doctor of Physical Therapy.

As said already, he has to complete the clinical rotations and conquer the National Physical Therapy Examination. Most importantly, he must have the license of his state after the completion of his master’s degree.

Salary of A Massage Therapist And Physiotherapist

A physiotherapist earns more than a massage therapist. If a massage therapist earns $45,738 per year, a physiotherapist earns $82,373 per year. So, whoever is now in the field of massage therapy, may think of stepping into the field of physiotherapy.

The Time Span of The Qualification

A massage therapist requires about three years to get into his profession after completing all the procedures. Contrastingly, a physical therapist takes six to seven years to earn his degree.

Sometimes it can take 10 years also. If a massage therapist wants to turn his profession into a physiotherapist, he will have to complete a master’s degree. Besides, he will have to get a new (PT) physical therapist license after passing the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A PTA Work As A Massage Therapist?

There is a quiet difference in the degree and qualification needed to become a physiotherapist and a massage therapist.

If a physiotherapist wants to work as a massage therapist, he must complete the Certificate of massage therapist program. This will take 500 to 1000 hours of study that is required for the state licensing for a massage therapist.

What Is The Difference Between A Massage Therapist And A Physical Therapist?

A physical therapist’s work is to give aid to physical injuries, like- sprains, injuries, etc. You can say, the task of a physical therapist is someone else’s need. On the other hand, massage therapists work for the relaxation of the body, reducing stress and tension.

Is Massage A Part of Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists also provide manual therapies to the patients like massage therapists. It helps to mobilize the body tissues which Ultima leads to relaxation of the body and improved blood circulation.

How Much A Massage Therapist Paid At The Highest?

On average, massage therapists make $43,620 in a year. On the other hand, there are 25% of massage therapists are paid a high amount, like $59,790 in a year.

In the same way, there are 25% of massage therapists are paid less compared to the average salary, like $30,010 in a year.


Hopefully, the above concept could make you clear enough, how a massage therapist can become a physiotherapist. The programs for a massage therapist and a physiotherapist are different. The duration of their training is also different.

A massage therapist can take 3 to 4 years to complete his education, program, exams, and so on. On the other hand, a physiotherapist will take lots of time, a maximum of 10 years.

Along with the bachelor’s degree, the master’s degree is also an important requirement to become a professional physical therapist.

This is all. Let us know through the comment section below if you have any queries. Thank you.