I Have A Crush On My Physical Therapist

I have a crush on my physical therapist, you may think of that after spending a good time with your physical therapist. It is natural to have a crush on your therapist as you spend a good time in touch with each other and share thoughts through a light conversation.

This crush can be of a variety of types. You may crush your physical therapist as a loving mother or parent even as a girlfriend or boyfriend.  It totally depends on you what kind of attraction you have to your physical therapist.

In this post, I will try to explain why it’s important for the patient and their family members to get along with the physical therapists because they are going to spend more time together than anyone else if treatment goes well, if not it becomes really hard for both parties involved especially when there’s no one else who understands their needs better than.

Physical Therapists Love To Support Which Makes One Feel “I Have a crush on my physical therapist”

Most physical therapists try to genuinely get involved in their patient’s life and believe that’s one way you can achieve success.

The relationship between a therapist and his or her patients has always been an important factor for both parties. Therapists are motivated by care, while some patients regard them as experts who will give them direction about what to do next in order to make themselves better again.

Whenever there is no connection between these two people it becomes really hard not just on the part of the patient but also on behalf of the therapist because he wants his clientele to be happy with him/herself.

Crush on Physical Therapist From Different Aspects

A crush on your therapist is a common thing that can happen. You enjoy them for who they are, their interests, and their personality. You can love physical therapists from a variety of aspects. There are various types of attraction to your therapist, like

  • You may have a motherly or fatherly type of crush on them,
  • As well as friend-like attraction
  • Or more romantic feelings for them.

It depends entirely on you what kind of attraction you have to your physical therapist! as well as your ages vary. If you’re a teenager or below teenage then your physical therapist attracted to you may be like your parents. Because of their motherly or fatherly care.

On the contrary, if you’re an aged person abandoned by your child then the care of your physical therapist makes you fall in love like your son or daughter.

Causes of Grow Attraction to Physical Therapists

  • When you are a younger one, get in touch with your physical therapist regularly and get supportive care from your PT through s/he treating you as his patient and doing that to accelerate his job, you may grow an attraction to physical therapists.
  • Physiotherapists are the cheerleaders of patients, cheering them on and supporting their every step forward. They must encourage positivity in order to be a successful physiotherapist since they work with so many different people each day; it is just part of what they do for that profession.
  • Physical therapists are the experts on patients. They know what’s going on with your body since they work closely with you and spend time in touch, talking to you, and seeing how your body moves.
  • Physical therapists may have a crush on their patients, but that’s not the only thing about them. They’re more than just your physical therapist – they’re someone you can talk to when you need help or advice about anything!
  • So if you want to get closer to your PT then start by talking to them. It’s always good for a PT and his/her patient to have some kind of connection, whether it be small or big.
  • Sometimes people might find themselves with an attraction to their physical therapists without even knowing why! This feeling can come from the relationship between therapist and patient; as well as many other things like your age.
  • Your first thought the way your physical therapist looked at you during treatments was a sign that he wanted to date, but it turns out there are two different looks. There’s one look- “analysis and scrutiny”- where they’re studying every movement of yours; then there’s another kind- pupils dilated with just a hint of red in their cheeks from blushing or embarrassment as if everything is new again.

Signs Your Physical Therapist Is Attracted To You

Either a female physical therapist or a male physical therapist, it can happen that a therapist is attracted to the patient.

It’s quite a little hard to understand that your therapist is developing feelings for you because he has a lot of boundaries as well as the fear of losing the job. Here’re some signs that your physical therapist likes you:

Get’s Personal:

Your therapist is a person too, and as such may share personal information with you. They might laugh or cry when discussing topics that are important to them; they will definitely be more inclined than other people in your life to do things for you at their own expense (e.g., picking up the tab on dinner).

Talks Outside of Therapy:

Modern technology like email or messaging apps makes it easy for therapists to communicate with clients without resorting to voice calls. This reduces the chances you and your therapist will form a personal bond outside of work.

Flirts Non-Verbally:

The curious human mind is always seeking out new things. If a therapist you’ve never had before crosses your path, it’s only natural that he or she will try to get on your good side by sending subtle signals of attraction and flirting with flirtatious behavior like looking you in the eyes for more than two seconds or standing close to you. Keep an eye out for blushing, giggling, the long list goes on!

Giving Personal Advice:

Your therapist may start to give you personal advice and behave more like a friend or lover. They’re your professional help, not someone who gives solutions without consideration of what you need.

Some Important Point For The Relationship Between Patients & Physical Therapists

1. It’s unethical for a physical therapist to make such kind feelings toward a patient. So, a good physical therapist is always concerned about his profession. If s/he realizes the feelings as soon as rejects the patient to treatment rather than prescribes to other therapists.

2. If only you develop the feelings and make sure that your therapist has no interest then you may change your therapist for neutralizing the embarrassing situation.

3. If you both feel the same thing then you may bring the thing forward by meeting outsiders. But the most important thing is that you must bring it furthermore after finishing your sessions unless your therapist has to fall into trouble.

4. If you think “my physical therapist touched me or my physical therapist flirting with me” makes you uncomfortable, you may file a complaint against a physical therapist in that clinic or physical therapy institute.

Besides, it is your best bet to get as far away from them as possible. Don’t let him or her ruin the rest of your life just because you had a bad day and did something wrong.

5. Without good boundaries from the therapist, it can result in further traumatization and hurt to the client. Boundaries not only protect clients but they create a safe space where healing can happen; without them, there is no therapy being had.

My Experience: Why Do I Have A Crush On My Physical Therapist?

My experience with physical therapy was quite good. I like my physical therapist so I am going to share my story here which might help other people in their decision-making to find the right physical therapist for themselves.

I am 29 years old and I got injured at the age of 15, so since then, my life has changed completely because all of a sudden I couldn’t walk on my own anymore. I had to get myself pushed around everywhere. That really annoyed me as well as the people who were pushing me around so much.

It was like they didn’t care about anything other than being pushy with me. They just wanted to get things done quickly but it wasn’t fair towards me either because those injuries are long-term ones that need time after time taken care of by different professionals before they can be treated properly.

However, this is not something new when you are disabled.

My physical therapist helped a lot in changing my life, she changed my outlook on everything that I thought of the world especially now I don’t feel sorry for myself anymore even though I have been through difficult times in the past. She is always there for me with her support and all the happiness she brings into my life. That’s why I fell in love with my therapist.


I have a crush on my physical therapist. I love my therapist like a mother and sometimes, I feel that she is acting more like one than a friend who listens to me spill all of my life problems.

When this started happening, I knew it was time for me to find a new physical therapist because she had become too parental-like. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with being treated like your parents; it just wasn’t what I needed at the time in order to progress in therapy.