Is It Difficult To Get A Job As A Music Therapist?

Is it difficult to get a job as a music therapist? No, it’s not a difficult thing unless you are prepared with some terms. Like- educational qualifications, training, courses, skill, understanding of languages, and many more.

For those who are questioning like- Is music therapy a good career or not, it is definitely a good career. It involves clinical and musical education where the main aim is to provide contentment to people.

Most of the hours are tracing out different things. Perhaps some people are going to be in such conditions that we can’t even imagine. At that time, musical therapy tends to be really helpful. So just think why it won’t be possible that a music therapist can shine in his profession.

Today, we will discuss the job potentials that a music therapist can get.

What Is A Music Therapist?

Music therapy is something that aids people’s health with multiple musical interventions. It is an allied profession used clinically to accomplish goals with some therapeutic relationships. Music therapist steps into this profession after completing a certain musical therapy program. It is a great job indeed as it includes a wellness model. In fact, the music therapists in the world can serve 1.6 million people as he has that privilege.

Anyways the future of music therapy keeps individuals in touch so that therapy can satisfy the ever changing needs of people.

If we talk about a music therapist’s salary, its range is really high. In the USA, a music therapist gets $57,096 for 27 hours. This is the yearly rate. However, some top paid therapists get $84000 every year and low-paid therapists get $38000. It’s quite clear that having a job as a music therapist is really profitable though.

Is It Difficult To Get A Job As A Music Therapist?

I don’t think getting a job as a music therapist is going to be a difficult task. Because nowadays people go through anxiety, depression, stress, mental pressure, attention deficit, and so on. In this multiverse world, nothing can help out except for musical therapy.

After 2004, the job outlook of music therapists increased rapidly. The job vacancies got almost 32.76% more, and every year it was increasing by 2.05 percent. Hopefully, in 2029, the job will touch its peak with 26,660 vacancies for sure.

What Is Important To Become A Music Therapist?

It is quite clear that if you have the skill and required qualifications it is not going to be difficult for you to get a musical therapy job. Once you become a music therapist, you can expect to make $57096 per year. And in the United States, a music therapist gets $27.45 per hour on average.

What Is The Best Place For A Music Therapist Job?

After a lot of research, you have found that California is the best place for the job of a music therapist. There are some institutions where music therapy is provided. Like- such as Florida State University, New York University, Berklee College of Music, etc.

Career Opportunities As A Music Therapist

Patients get therapeutic care with the help of music. Because, music therapy not only involves musical programs, but also clinical education. Various career paths are waiting out there for a music therapist. Whichever option is suitable, a music therapist can simply opt for that one.

Let’s not beat around the bush anymore, and see what are those potential fields.


Music therapy jobs are the most common field. A musician can earn his living by participating in bands, live shows, working with instruments, and so on. According to the national average salary, a musician can get $42799 per year.

Music Therapist

A music therapist mainly provides mental and emotional support to the patients. Well, music acts as a medium for encouraging patients in difficult conditions. Like- physical rehabilitation, depression, trauma, etc. A music therapist can earn an average of $71854 per year.

Compared to musicians, music teachers, and psychologists, the field of music therapy is more reliable. It’s because people get satisfaction in a different way which actually helps them to get mental relief.

Music Teacher

The task of a music teacher is to give musical education like a class. It can be on music theory, music performance, training on components, etc. Well, a music teacher can earn $67043 per year according to the national average salary.


People with anxiety, depression, anger management, etc usually seek a psychologist. What the psychologist does is, provide psycho dynamic therapy, behavior therapy, humanistic therapy, and so on. This is a really profitable field, where most psychologists earn $94930 every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Music Therapy A Highly Demanding Job?

If we go to the thought process of 2004, music therapists were not so demanding at that time. However, it took a turnover in 2018 and the expected jobs were 5870 then. In the US, a music therapist gets roughly $40000 a year.

Is Music Therapy A Good Career?

For those who laugh to help others in a therapeutic process and love music at the same time, music therapy can be a good career for them. Well, it is a good career indeed. Since people are realizing the effectiveness of music therapy, this career is now in great demand.

What Are The Methods of Music Therapy?

The first method of music therapy is providing relaxation and stimulation, then ensuring reminiscence. It also facilitates the memory of people which in turn develops auditory skills. Last but not least, music therapy reduces anxiety and lifts up the mood.

What Qualities Should A Music Therapist Have?

A music therapist must work in a multi-disciplinary group, or like a team player. Besides, he should be fun and creative enough to scan minds. As a problem-solver, he should have additional qualities. Like- as patient, knowledgeable, compassionate, adaptable, etc.

How To Become A Music Therapist Without A Degree?

That is hardly possible. Because a musical therapist needs a degree in music. Again, a degree in psychology can also help it. You just need to have a good standard of musical ability. Other words include- 1 to 2 years of work experience in the field of health or social care. Lastly, a postgraduate course is important to get a nice job.


All being well, we have transpired enough about the music therapy jobs and their potential fields. When it is about getting therapeutic care with the touch of music, music therapy is always the best. And yes, a music therapist takes all the onus to provide such treatments.

Yet, if you think – Is it difficult to get a job as a music therapist? You will easily get a nice job if you have all the abilities of a music therapist. In Particular, understanding people’s minds with utmost intelligence is all that it takes.

This is all. Let us know if you have any queries. Thank you.