Ways To Ask A Massage Therapist For A Happy Ending (Updated)

How to ask a massage therapist for a happy ending? Do you have a good massage therapist on your list of contacts? If not, the time is now. You’re lying on the massage table with your head resting against a soft pillow. You feel great, and it’s only been for about ten minutes!

The masseuse is working wonders by now – she must be an expert at what she does because each stroke of her hands across your back feels like silk burning in a fire; you can’t help but close your eyes as another layer falls away from this life that was soiled long ago. But still, there are some things missing: something happy ending-like would make everything more complete

You can either tip well or simply ask nicely. At the end of this article is a list of things to keep in mind if you want an even greater chance of getting what you want.

Ways To Ask A Massage Therapist For A Happy Ending (A Complete Guide)

Don’t Think About A Happy Ending At First: You do not go into a massage thinking that it is going to be your happy ending.

I know how bad this part can suck for some guys, but just like when you sit down at the blackjack table and put all of your money on red (or white), remember: expecting loss makes winning even better in gambling slang terms!

Make Them Understand That It’s Your First And Favorite Place: When asked if you’ve been there before, you should reply in the affirmative with confidence and make them understand that it was one of your favorite places.

It may seem like an unlikely memory now but they see so many people every day; in order for them not to forget you again – which would be embarrassing since this is our first time meeting you should probably stop by more often than just once or twice on vacation from work.

Choose The Full-Body Massage For An Hour: When picking out services, you should choose the full-body massage if you want to get a massage with a happy ending. Get 30 minutes or 60 if that’s what floats your boat but an hour is my preference for sure!

The money goes directly into the house as well and you will find it has little effect on whether or not they offer happy endings;

however, this time frame may allow you more opportunities with them to do so should we both agree upon one (or whatever length) session beforehand

Take Off Everything, If You Want That: If you want to be kinky, take off all of your clothes and lie face-down with a towel over your ass.

Leave the area outside for cheeks if that’s what works best for you but remember this is something new so go slow until it feels right! When they say “take off everything,” don’t forget about those delicate undergarments we wear just below our skin; otherwise known as “panty lines.”

If possible let some light shine through them by pulling up on each side from behind before lowering yourself onto an object in front.

Notice Your Therapist’s Action: If your massage therapist is using the towel properly, you will be covered throughout. They’ll move it to one side when massaging my glutes and other parts of my body while keeping another side dry with their hands for additional sensitivity.

Try To Be Affirmative In Response: Imagine you’re in a dark room and feel someone touching your inner thighs. Open up as much of the space between both legs for them if it feels right, then close back up after they touch their (or continue giving off moans).

There are no wrong or right answers here–as long as everyone’s happy with their ending!

What To Do Finally Comes To An End?: You’ve been on your back for so long, it’s time to flip over and show off that bulge in the towel. Get ready – because now is when they really start working their magic with hands or feet!

Thank God for this part of the treatment is finally coming to an end… But if things go according to plan then I just might be getting more than a few minutes worth before our session winds down too soon again.

Feel & Feel The Thing You Want “Happy Ending”: You’ll feel the warmth of her touch as she gently massages you. She may use a soft towel on your skin, or even better — one that is plush and sensuous! Pressure points provide extra stimulation to heighten any sensations from deep tissue work such as Swedish massage where practitioners knead out knots in their clients’ muscles carefully but firmly rub away fatigue with slow circular motions first clockwise then counterclockwise direction while moving upwards towards the head & neck area before finishing at thighs themselves.

Following these steps, you will get the answer to how to get a happy ending without asking.

Carry Extra In A massage parlor offers “extras”?: The oddball is a one-time thing, after all. Do you want more? It’s $60 [or $40], but we can go lower if you like and there will always be somebody who volunteers to pay less for their time with us just because it makes them feel good in some way (perhaps by giving off an impression that they are being generous).

It might sound rude when people start touching me without permission or asking if anything feels okay while another person jerks me off–the guy may even try taking advantage of your ignorance about safe oral sex! But don’t worry: The vast majority aren’t actually interested in having actual sex so no worries about getting involved too hard here.

How To Handle The Masseuse? (Respecting The Masseuse’s Boundaries)

You should never touch the masseuse without their permission. Not only can it be intimidating for them, but you don’t know what they have against people who do this sort of thing in general which could make things worse!

They might signal that it’s okay with a nod or something like waving your hands around near her face so she knows where to start massaging – just wait patiently until then before making any advances towards touching breasts/legs etcetera unless asked otherwise by saying “May I?”

Types of Massage Parlors For Different Types of People

  • Masseuse Style is the typical massage done on the cover. Though there is no nudity, it can become very tempting when your masseuse starts getting really touchy. This type of massage parlor is good for people who would like to relax and not have pressure go into anyone region of their body too much, but don’t want any type of stimulation.


 little mats around to catch all the oil on your naked skin while they shave off every

Where Can You Get A Happy Ending Massage?

Now that you’ve read about the world’s leading expert on real happy endings, it is time to go out and find your own! Here are a few places where people have been known for their great hands.

Physical Therapist: You might be able to score a handjob from your physical therapist if he’s open-minded enough, but you should know that 1% of the time they’ll give in and do it.

High-End Spas: You may be more likely to find a masseuse who is on holiday, relaxed, and less professional. It’s also possible that the mood will change depending on how you are feeling yourself as well as their attitude towards customers in general; it could make up for 10% of successful massage sessions or so (though I’m sure most would prefer not to have this happen).

Massage Services: If you are looking for happiness, a 30% chance is not hopeless. A regular masseuse may be willing to bend the rules just a little bit and give your hand in return for some extra cash from their clientele with glinting eyes who come seeking relief at all costs!

Asian Massage Parlours: In Asian massage parlors, the women or happy-ending massage therapist will more easily acquiesce to a request for something extra. Here, in my experience, you have a 60% chance of success with erotic massages.

However, it can be risky going into an establishment if that’s not your thing!

Tantric Massage Services: Tantra is all about exploring your sensuality. It may be time for you to break from traditional massage rules and experience an unforgettable tantric ending with one of the therapists!

Tantric massages offer clients a different type of bodywork that’s more than just relaxing – it can help make them feel like they’ve been touched by someone who truly understands them on an emotional level, giving people the tools necessary not only in overcoming stress but also improving intimacy within relationships as well.

Tips For Frequently Asked Questions

What’s A ‘Happy Ending ‘ They Talk About In A Massage Parlor?

Well, first off, a happy ending massage is not the real happy ending meaning or is not synonymous with “happy”. Quite the contrary.

You see, this type of massage starts off as any other traditional massage might – but at some point subjective to the masseuse and customer’s agreement on terms – we advise you to know what you’re getting into before you get into it! Anyway, at that certain point of no return for the money spent and time invested during the massage session commences that is when somebody asks for a happy ending.

Does Giving A Happy Ending Constitute Unethical Behavior?

Certainly, the act of giving a “happy ending” for money would constitute unethical behavior. That being said, most people sell things for money, but the whole purpose of what they do with that money is typically not to touch others inappropriately.

For instance, massage therapists often have to give people a happy ending in order to get them out before the next client walks through the door – and they certainly don’t charge for this touching! Hence it’s probably unfair to call a person who does this an unethical practitioner.

What Are The Qualities of A Happy Ending?

This is difficult to answer because there are many different opinions on the matter. A happy ending can be different for each individual, which signifies that it is subjective. There are some general qualities though, such as love conquering all hardships or arriving at a goal with happiness.

Do All Therapists Give Happy Endings?

A massage therapist is someone you trust with your body and your health: someone with extensive knowledge of human anatomy and an aim to enable healing and well-being.

Most therapists do not give happy endings, and in most cases, they will not meet your need for a sexual release. Giving someone pleasure builds rapport with the client, but if the therapist only has a professional relationship with you then they shouldn’t be giving you anything more than that.

Please just find an ethical, professional clinician who can give you some relief from your stresses. Trust me when I tell you that it’s never worth ending up on a sex offender list just for a few moments of gratification!

How Do You Know If A Massage Place Offers Full Service?

Look for a sign on the wall with any symbols of flowers, leaves, or hands. If you don’t see anything like that you can always call and ask! Some people will offer to show their license number over the phone for safety.

You may also be able to tell based on what type of music is playing since most places don’t play something that would associate them with full service.

If they’re playing jazz then it’s highly doubtful that they offer full-service services, but if they’re playing dance or rock and roll music then there is a greater chance (though not guaranteed) because those types of music more often identify as “sexy” and make you feel energized which can help set up the mood for intimacy.”


How to Ask for a Happy Ending? If you are looking for a happy ending to your message, the best way is to ask. You can also tell them that it would be great if they could give you an extra few minutes so that you both feel satisfied with the session. And don’t forget; always tip generously!