Penalty For Practicing Massage Without A License

Massage therapy is a scientific way of manipulating the muscles and other soft tissues in the body. People love to get relaxation.

Message therapy is one of the best ways to achieve relaxation. You will get some extra benefits if you get massage therapy from a professional therapist.

A professional therapist gives you not only relaxation but also some medical benefits. So, it is important to know whether your therapist is licensed.

There are a lot of people who take the massage practitioner course, but not everyone gets the license. This article will look at the penalty for practicing massage without a license.

There are some rules and regulations for licenses and punishments for those who do not follow them. Let’s check and dive in.

Can I Be A Massage Therapist Without A License?

The simple answer is not. You have to have a license to practice massage therapy. Sometimes, you can’t even run a business with another massage therapist if you are not licensed.

In Washington State, you must have a massage therapy license unless you have a higher medical degree. However, there are some states where a massage therapy license is not mandatory, like Kansas, Minnesota, and Vermont.

Penalty For Practicing Massage Without a License

A licensed massage therapist is a person who meets certain requirements and works with clients in places that need it. To acquire this license, people must participate in 500-1000 hours of training that varies by state and the program they attend.

So, what happens if anyone gives massage therapy without a license? There are some penalties for them. Let’s check on them.

If you are Practicing massage therapy, you could face disciplinary action such as fines or even jail time. Each state has different laws that determine what action will take against this crime.

For example, it is criminal in Oklahoma to do business without a current massage license or even to use the name “massage.” If a New Yorker practices massage without a license, they risk being charged with a crime.

In Georgia, they find the person base on the number of months worked without a license. It starts from 100 dollars up to 5000 dollars. In Texas, the penalty for an unlicensed massage therapist starts from 500 up to 5000 or up to 1 year of full suspension or revocation.

The penalties are quite different from state to state. It is essential to thoroughly understand the specific regulations that govern licensing and the consequences of breaking those restrictions.

Why The Massage Licenses Exist?

If there were no licensing requirements in America, anyone could open a massage center and start serving the people.

It may b beneficial for some people because they will get some relaxation cheaply. But in the long term, it will create a very bad situation. Without rules and regulations, there will be no place to complain, even if any unpleasant incident occurs during the massage.

Even with strict regulation and licensing by the state, some illegal massage establishments still exist. Human trafficking is one of the biggest problems in massage therapy. Illegal massage therapy centers exploit unpaid workers for profit.

Law enforcement can easily find and break up human trafficking rings with strict rules and punishment. In turn, a professional license makes it easy for legit massage therapists to identify themselves in the market.

Why Do People Practice Massages without having a License?

Many people go through the training program but don’t get the license; we try to understand their reason.  There are several reasons why: 1) Someone may be just finishing up the requirements and want to get started a little early. 2) Someone may think of massage as a side job and not feel the need to get licensed.

One reason is to get a license; you can’t have ever done a massage for money. This includes anyone a friend or family member has ever paid for a massage.

Getting paid in cash can also help with your taxes, but the real win-win is that you save money, and the unlicensed practitioner gets the money they might not have had otherwise.

There is a difference between massaging for pleasure and massaging for physical therapy. Many states allow unlicensed people to perform the massage as relaxation, not as a therapy.

If someone practices this massaging only for relaxation, they are known as a masseuse/ masseur, not as a massage therapist.


What Are The Requirements To Get A Massage License?

The government does not regulate massage therapy. Instead, the state or a state-approved educational body gives certification and licenses. In general, to get your massage therapy license, you’ll need the following:

  • Train for a certain number of hours (varies by state, but usually somewhere around 500 hours of training)
  • Pass the license test for massage and bodywork (MBLEx)

Can You Get A Massage License Online?

Some schools market themselves as 100% online. Still, you must complete a hands-on component to qualify for a massage license. If you prefer to receive your academic training online, you can do so, but be prepared to take your hands-on training in person.

Can I Meet Massage Clients In Their Homes?

Yes. Most entrepreneurial massage therapists do not have a regular or home office. They prefer to come straight to their client’s homes for their sessions.

Can You Give Massages Without A License In Florida?

To practice massage in the State of Florida, you must be a licensed massage therapist. To operate a massage establishment, it must be licensed. The laws relating to massage therapy can be found in Florida Statute Chapter 480.


Massage therapy is becoming very popular nowadays. It helps us to be relaxed along with some medical benefits. People who want to contribute to this industry should get a license.

The above article discussed massage therapy and the importance of a license. Additionally, we discussed the penalty for practicing massage without a license and some commonly asked questions.

I hope you enjoyed the discussion about the massage therapist who doesn’t have a license.