13 Things You Should Never Tell Your Therapist

What you should never tell your therapist? The first thing is, you should never lie to your therapist. And sometimes we get so close with our therapists that we offer friendship and even confess our love. These are the prior things that we should never say to our mental health experts.

Anyways, some things can create an awkward moment if the client says to his therapist. Especially, those who never took therapy sessions don’t know about it specifically.

In this article, we will discuss what are the lines that we should not tell our therapist. As a result, you can get your best outcomes and your therapist can help you with ease.

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13 Things You Should Never Tell Your Therapist( Step By Step)

We all have heard that “Honesty is the best policy”. And when it comes to sharing feelings with your mental health expert, there is no way except, to be honest with him.

You are in his office to seek his help. You are going through a traumatic experience or depression times where you need a person who can hear you and understand you. In that case, a therapist is your true aide.

Today, our concept is what we should not disclose to our therapist. You may think that there is some particular information that you should not say to him about yourself. But you are wrong. Unless you give handwritten permission of disclosing yourself, he can’t reveal your secrets or information to anyone.

Keeping all this aside, we don’t want our therapy sessions to be uncomfortable. Because of a few lines, your session can become uncomfortable though. That’s the main reason why we should first think before saying to our therapists.

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Don’t Say You Are Feeling Bad For Talking Too Much

During the therapy session, the time is completely yours. It’s a great thing if you are open to your therapist to an extent. Because the more you open up your mind the more it will be easier for the therapist to guide you.

So, there is no point in feeling bad that you are talking too much with your therapist. Besides, you should not say this to your therapist. Instead, you can say that you appreciate his understanding and listening skill, etc.

Don’t Blame Yourself For Not Doing The Homework

Most commonly, the therapists give homework after the session to their clients. It can happen that the clients do not report back afterward. The reason can be, he couldn’t prioritize the work or he couldn’t manage time. Or it can happen that the task was very challenging for the client.

If you are one of them then there is no need to blame yourself for not doing the homework. Your therapist will understand and encourage you to do better next time.

Don’t Ask For A Prescription Only

Both medications and therapy are essential for the person who is suffering from mental health issues. There are some clients who think that only taking pills can help them. But it is not true. Medications are like plan B. Plan A has always been proper counseling.

Don’t Lie To Your Therapist

One of the most crucial things that you should never tell your therapist is a lie. And it’s common sense that you should not lie to your therapist as you are there to heal your feelings.

It can happen that because of fear you can’t disclose the truth. But trust me, you would be harming yourself, you would be a complete loss if you lie to him

Don’t Tell Half-Truths

Yeah, you must never lie to your therapist, but it is also important that you don’t leave any details about yourself. Sharing a half-truth is almost equal to telling a lie to him. Because if he doesn’t know what the situation is he can’t help you properly. So ultimately you will be the sufferer.

Maybe you are not that comfortable telling the truth in your first sessions. It’s completely okay. But try to reveal those truths after you become comfortable with your therapist.

Don’t Apologise For Showing Emotions

A beautiful therapy session always gives the clients a safe space for expressing their emotions. If you only share the facts without showing your feelings and emotions, your therapist can’t understand the whole matter.

perhaps, you are not even sure about your feelings, and that’s why you can’t express them. But it would be beneficial for you if you share everything with him about what you are feeling right now or what you are feeling later or before.

He will understand that you are now a bit confused and he will try his best to showcase everything that you are feeling.

Moreover, therapists are trained to understand that emotion, so it can be easier for them to give proper guidance. So, don’t ever say sorry for showing emotions to him.

Don’t Complain to Him About Your Previous Therapist

When we receive therapy from our therapists, we don’t want to revive the problems, we are there to solve our problems. If you think that your previous therapist was not good enough, there is no need to complain about it to your recent therapist.

You just share the feelings that were heavy to you, that you need to relieve. Besides, as a person, it’s not good either to talk badly about someone in his absence.

Don’t Offer Friendship Proposal To Your Therapist

A professional therapist maintains a certain boundary between him and his client. He makes sure that anything between you and his does not get personal. And it’s not valid that you and your therapist can become friends.

So, never offer friendship or any type of relationship to him. Or don’t ask him to meet for coffee lunch or dinner. This will indeed create a difficult situation for your therapist.

Don’t Say That You Gave Up

Those who are new to therapy, don’t keep that much hope from the therapy sessions. They may think that therapy won’t work for them and are in a mindset to give up easily.

Never say your therapist that therapy won’t work for you. Instead, you can say that you are nervous about whether therapy will work for you or not.

Don’t Say That You Are Embarrassed For What You Said

Sometimes, the clients share so much information that they feel embarrassed afterward. Well, this is nothing but a loss for the client. He will stay distressed, tense, and uncomfortable. Therapy sessions are all about validating your feelings. You are the writer here and your therapist will be the producer.

He will guide you. There is nothing wrong with expressing your feelings or sharing something heavy with you. So, don’t ever say that you are embarrassed for sharing your information with your therapist.

Don’t Apologise For Talking About Yourself Only

When we are in a group of friends, it would be very rude to talk about ourselves only. Not only with friends but also with other people, we maintain that stature that we shouldn’t only talk about ourselves. But this is not the case with your mental health expert.

He is there to listen to you, to understand you. The more you tell him about yourself, the more he can help you. Is important for you and a therapist both that you get healed as soon as possible.

Don’t Tell Your Therapist To Fix You

Therapists are common human beings like us. Just like their clients have emotions and feelings, therapists also have emotions and feelings. They can’t fix you.

What they can only do is, motivate you, encourage you, and help you in understanding things. It’s completely up to you if you want to fix your things or not.

Your therapist will just empower you with some positive words and explain what you should do and what type of feedback you can get because of it.

Don’t Say Any Good Things About You Forcibly

Your therapist will not judge you for your behavior or action. Besides, he won’t give you any opinion between right and wrong. His main goal is that you reveal all your information to him. Especially your feelings and emotions, and what’s bothering you.

His work is to identify your problem and help you with it. So there is no point in showcasing a better version of yourself. Just tell him everything for which you are there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If You Tell Your Therapist You’re Suicidal?

The therapists need to follow a certain protocol, which is called confidentiality. He can’t disclose anything that you said to him. But if it’s a matter of self-harming or suicide, he is bound to break that confidentiality and inform your family. Besides, he will take precautions so that you don’t go for any suicidal attempts.

Will A Therapist Tell You Your Diagnosis?

Yes, a therapist will tell you your diagnosis. It’s your right to know about your problems. However, your therapist will also tell you about the diagnosis if he thinks it’s important for you to know. Other than that, you can ask yourself and know about it.

What Can You Say To Your Therapist For The First Time?

For the first time, you can ask your therapist how the progress is going to be. Also, you can ask him about the signs that say you are making progress.


When you are having a session with your mental health expert, try to be more upfront about yourself. It would be a grave mistake If you lied to your therapist.

If you feel uncomfortable sharing your feelings for that moment, share that later but remember that you say everything to him. Other than that, we have already discussed what type of sentences we should avoid saying to our therapist. Hopefully, you will keep that in mind.

As a suggestion, I would say be an active participant, do the homework that your therapist gives, and follow his guide. Since he is your mental health expert, he will give you such tasks that are meant for your betterment.

This is all. Thank you.