A Massage Therapist Vs A Massage Practitioner?

A licensed massage therapist, or a licensed massage practitioner, has almost the same identity, with slight differences. The difference is very subtle, so here we will try to help you understand the difference between a massage therapist and a massage practitioner.

A massage is an act that performs pressing, stroking, and manipulation of your skin. It can vary from soft to hard pressing. It professionally trained massage therapists people. They use different techniques to relieve their clients’ pain.

Everyone can’t perform the massage perfectly. To become an expert in the massage field, you do not need a bachelor’s degree but must participate in professional classes and training. After the program ends, you must get a license from the state. There are two licenses: a licensed massage therapist or LMT and a licensed massage practitioner or LMP. Although they are practically the same, there are some subtle differences between a massage therapist and a massage practitioner. In the upcoming section, we will try to recognize them.

What is a massage therapist?

A massage therapist is someone who is licensed to treat people. This treatment is done by touching and pressing the soft tissue and muscles of the body. The main goal of massage therapists is to relieve their client’s pain. They also help reduce anxiety and improve relaxation and the overall body.

People who participated in this program took more in-depth courses than massage practitioners. The students attend some advanced classes in other bodywork techniques. They also learn an anatomically best approach to provide bodywork, including injury recovery, to address specific health issues. The primary goal of this approach is overall health wellness. The program takes 12-20 months to complete.

What is a massage practitioner?

What is a massage practitioner

A massage practitioner is a certified person who provides massage for remuneration and is recognized by the state council. They can obtain a license by attending training about half the time as massage therapists.

This is the best-certified course for getting an entry-level job in a growing industry in a short period. Massage practitioners get instruction in the fundamentals of a Swedish massage. In addition, some schools also train them in sports massage, chair massage, and hydrotherapy. The students also have the chance to select elective courses such as reflexology. After graduating from this program, one can serve in spas and hotels. The primary purpose of this program is the De-stressing and relaxation of people.

Difference between a massage therapist and a massage practitioner.

There is no significant difference between LMT and LMP. In many several cases, the phrases are used interchangeably. Research in 2011 found that 38 states use the title “licensed massage therapist.” Only Washington state uses the “licensed massage practitioner” for the professional label. It does not matter if someone is LMT or LMP. The significant fact is whether he has a license or not.

State California has two certification levels depending on how much training an individual has received. To receive a “certified massage therapist,” one must complete 500 hours of activity. On the other hand, a “certified massage practitioner” needs 250 hours of training. The massage therapist program has more progressive courses than the massage practitioner and requires one year to complete the full-time program.

massage therapist massage practitioner.
It is an anatomically advanced massage technique that acquires excellence in Swedish massage. Learning different massage techniques like Swedish, chair, body mobilization, etc.
Obtain practical knowledge about anatomy and physiology and apply it to the therapeutic massage Obtain practical knowledge about anatomy and physiology and apply it to the massage practice.
This study program helps to acquire deep knowledge about the structure and function of the human body. This study program helps to acquire deep knowledge about the structure and function of the human body.
General education courses are anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, communication, and ethics. The courses are anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, communication, and ethics.
Massage programs are Swedish Massage, Advanced Therapeutic Massage Techniques, and Special Populations. Swedish Massage, Successful Career Development Massage Clinic Training & Summary Session.
Training time full time 12 months part-time 20 months Total-time eight months and part-time 12 months.
It needs 40.5 credits and 900 clock hours course. It needs 30.5 credits and 600 clock hours course.

Which is better?

We can’t say indeed which program is better than the other. There’s not a significant difference between these two massage programs. However, their field of work and objectives are different according to the diverse needs of people.

It’s all up to you that you should prioritize your goals and comforts if you are interested in entering the massage industry. But if you ask us, which massage therapist is better? The massage therapist program may take longer to complete, but once you get your license, the payment will be much higher than others.


Q: What is the highest degree of massage therapy that can be obtained?

A: State Board certification is the highest designation available to massage therapists.

Q: how much money a therapist can earn in one hour?

A: In the USA, the Average salary of a therapist is $40 per hour. The average monthly and yearly incomes are $4,989 and $43,620. The pay increases with experience. It can go up to $120,000 yearly as a mobile or chair massage therapist.

Q: What kinds of skills are to be obtained by a therapist?

  • A: Communication skills. Massage therapists need to be excellent listeners.
  • Decision-making skills.
  • Physical strength.

Q: How many clients a massage therapist can see in one day?

A: the number depends on your availability and the schedule you maintain. Usually, a full-time therapist can serve four to five clients in a day. Each session may take 60 to 90 minutes.

Q: What jobs can you do after massage therapy?

A: Massage therapists can also practice privately, setting up their treatment center and serving a selected client. Working in a massage center, spa, or hotel relieves guests’ stress and is also a great option. Hospitals and rehabilitation centers pick massage therapists to assist the physical therapy department.


Massage can be a good choice for people who want to make a career in the health industry. It is one of the best upgrowing sectors in the USA. You can choose to be a massage therapist or a massage practitioner. These two are licensed programs issued by the state. Though they are pretty similar, we try to elaborate on the difference between a massage therapist and a massage practitioner so that you can choose the best path according to your goals.

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