Can You Join The Military If You’ve Seen A Therapist

Yes, why not? Your past mental health records won’t affect your military position. All that will matter is your present mental health condition. Not only will your present disorder restrict you from joining the military but also the present medications will. There needs to be 36 months a gap between the completion of your medications and your present healthy mind.

Anyway, there are lots of terms regarding mental health that are to be a concern while joining the military. This article will tell you at a glance which conditions you can join the military and which conditions will restrict you from that.

Let’s not beat around the bush anymore and get to the concept straight.

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Can You Join The Military If You’ve Seen A Therapist?

Suppose, a few years back you had sessions with your psychiatrist because you were mentally unstable. Moreover, you were under strict medication. Day by day, you are progressing and your mental health is getting better. Your therapist also allowed you to terminate the medications. And now you are perfectly fine. If the incident is like that, you are all set to join the military.

Circumstances that won’t affect you joining the military

If you have any sort of confusion about whether you can join or not, it would be helpful if you consult with the recruiter. You will need an anonymous recommendation. So it would be better if you consult with more than one recruiter.

Besides, your treatment matters, on what purpose you have been seeing a therapist. For example- taking a therapy session has become a part of your routine. Or your family stabilization depends on those therapy sessions. Especially, the therapies that include the family reunification process won’t stop you from joining the military force at all.

In such cases, taking therapy sessions won’t affect your to join the military.

Extreme mental issues will impact joining the military

Anyways, if you go through extreme depression or anxiety, it’s important to be concerned before enlisting. Talk to your psychiatrist and ask him to guide you. When your mental health issues get severe, there would be no way out except for asking for a clean chit from your therapist. Your therapist will provide you with a clean chit after he sees progressions in you.

Being on psychotropic medication won’t let you enlist now

When a patient is continuing his psychotropic medication, he may not get enlisted for a military position. It’s for the recent time. If he is no longer on medication and improving himself, that won’t impact his job.

Having mental disorders can disqualify you

There are many mental disorders. Like- schizophrenia and delusion disorder. This won’t allow you to serve the nation.

Mood disorders won’t allow you to join the military

Any type of psychosis, bipolar disorder, or depressive disorder disqualifies the person who is in the military. Unless he is out of any disorder or mental treatment for 36 months, he can’t join back.

Personality and behavioral disorders are an issue

If you have any oppositional defiant disorder, impulse control disorder, or any personality disorder, that will affect you to serve the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you join the military if you have anxiety?

No, you can’t join the military if you have anxiety. No one can enter the armed forces if he needs any sort of inpatient or outpatient care.

Can antidepressants disqualify you from the military?

For a year, the antidepressants have been disqualifying the participants when they don’t take them. Unless the doctor says to stop, he can’t stop. Or else, the antidepressants can disqualify you from the military. Your doctor will reduce the intake of your medications slowly when he sees some progress. But stopping them with a click is not relevant to joining the military.

Does the military check your mental health records?

The military won’t enlist you without checking your mental health records. According to the safety position and security, the person opting for the military must pass the mental health check. Especially, military agencies and law enforcement check mental health records in prior. They will also check your previous mental health records.

How to see a therapist in the military?

It’s easy to schedule a session with your consultant in just one call. This can be face-to-face counseling as well. The Military One source will make a preferable appointment with you if he finds the service right for you. It can be 12 sessions of counseling either.

Can you join the Army with OCD?

You can join the army if you have not been in any mental health issues treatment for 36 months. If you are facing any post-traumatic disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder, that will also restrict you from joining the army.


Hopefully, the above concept was clear enough to you. Yet, if you have his question- Can you join the military if you’ve seen a therapist? The answer is yes. Although the armed forces will check your past mental health records, if you are doing well in the present, it won’t have any effect.

Besides, your present therapy sessions won’t disqualify you from the military if your reason is such as that. As said already, a routine of sessions or family stabilization therapy won’t restrict you from being in the military.

Anyway, mental disorders, behavioral disorders, and personality disorders are not preferable in this military job.

So, this is all. Let us know through the comment section below if you have any queries. Thank you.

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