How Much Does A Physical Therapist Make An Hour?

Many factors go into determining how much they make. Physical therapist’s salaries vary based on location, and what kind of work they do. For example, some physical therapists work in the hospital while others work in nursing homes. A physical therapist’s salary can be determined based on their education level and years of experience. Again, The average American physical therapist makes $35 per hour, but a lot of PTs earn more than $60 per hour thanks to contracted jobs that cover their costs.

This article will cover many different aspects related to a physical therapist’s salary such as the average wage per year by the state, the kind of physical therapist you are, the experience you have, working time, and more!

How Much Does A Physical Therapist Make An Hour Based On Different Variations?

A physical therapist’s salary is determined based on their education level and years of experience. The national average wage for Physical Therapists was last reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to be a maximum of 90% $60.95 per hour or about $126,780 annually as of 2020 according to the BLS report published May 2020. The average salary for a PT in the United States is $68,000 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%(Median) 75% 90%
Hourly Wage $ 30.54  $ 36.23 $ 43.75 $ 50.99 $ 60.95
Annual Wage $ 63,53 $ 75,360 $ 91,010 $ 106,060 $ 126,780


Salaries For Physical Therapists Vary By State

If you’re considering a career in Physical Therapy, it is important to know which states have the most job openings. Here’s your list!

According to the statistics of BLS in May 2020, the highest employment in physical therapist among top stats are 1st position in California then next one is New York, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania.

State Employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
California 22,100 $ 50.24 $ 104,500
New York 16,150 $ 44.64 $ 92,860
Texas 14,710 $ 43.69 $ 90,870
Florida 13,630 $ 41.06 $ 85,410
Pennsylvania 10,670 $ 43.70 $ 90,890


List of the stats which paying the highest payment to physical therapists below

State Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Nevada $ 52.20 $ 108,580
California $ 50.24 $ 104,500
Alaska $  48.65 $ 101,190
New Jersey $ 48.43 $ 100,740
Connecticut $ 48.36 $ 100,580


Physical Therapist Salary Vary For Working Experience

According to a survey conducted by the American Physical Therapy Association, there is an average wage increase of $12000 per year for those with experience. Starting at about $67,00 and growing up to around $90,000+ annually if you have more than 10 years of experience as a therapist.

As we know from many surveys done on wages in our field over the past decades (most recently completed last year), therapists are typically paid less when they start out compared to individuals who have been practicing for longer periods. The most recent APTA-conducted study found that physical therapy graduates see their salaries grow by approximately 12% every single year after starting out at roughly 67 thousand dollars – averaging 80k within 4 years!

Different Kinds of PT Make Different

A physical therapist’s salary is a reflection of the setting and specialty. To make more money, you can work in certain settings or specialties that are better compensated than others. A traveling physical therapist makes up to 1.5 times what an average PT would earn through their location-based pay scales at any given time; this translates into an additional $50k annually for someone earning about $64/hour locally! These are some average salaries for physical therapists.

  • Salary from Hospital-Based Outpatient: $85,000
  • Salary from Private Outpatient Clinic: $80,000
  • Salary from Inpatient Rehab: $82,000
  • Salary from Acute Care Hospital: $89,000
  • Salary from Home Health: $90,000
  • Salary from Academic Institution: $90,000

To Make More Money, You Need To Earn More Per Hour

If you’re a physical therapist, you’ll be paid hourly or salary basis. Hourly rates among salaried PTs fluctuate based on the total number of hours worked- meaning that for every hour outside of 40 scheduled ones per week, your rate is higher by $20-$40 more than average.

Hourly basis: A therapist with less than 5 years of experience earns $80,000 annually. To earn this amount by working 40 hours a week she would have to charge at least $38 per hour – and that’s before any taxes or overhead costs!

A typical therapy session lasts about an hour, which averages out to be around the same price as most people make in one day (around 8 dollars).

Salary basis: A salaried therapist with 10+ years of experience earns about $89,000 per year. An experienced worker can make a decent living wage as long as they work 50 hours or fewer each week for this salary.

Documentation May Decrease Your Hourly Rate

The more you make, the less time and money. Imagine getting paid $36 per hour for 40 hours a week, but then spending an additional 10 hours documenting your work to earn that same amount of pay. That’s like earning just under $8/hour!

Just because a salary is higher than 67k doesn’t mean you’ll get an above-average hourly rate; especially if you have to carve out unpaid time for documentation.” For instance, suppose your salary is 75K or about 36 dollars per hour with full-time employment at 40 hrs/week schedule (full-time meaning 8 am – 5 pm). Spending only ten extra working hours on documentation will lower this monthly income from $72000 down to $70000.

Faq’s Related To Physical Therapist Wage

When you’re going to choose your professional life as a physical therapist, you must have some inquiries about this job. Wherever you live in the United States, you may have information about your well-being.

Q:1. How much does a physical therapist make an hour in California?

A physical therapist makes $46.19/hour on average in California. Needless to say, this can be a rewarding lifetime career. In 2012, the Bay Area News Group reported that therapists in the Bay Area make from about $44K to around $90K working full-time. IF you earn more hours over 40hrs in 1 week then your salary might increase by up to 6% and for every two years of experience gained it may go up by up to 3%.

Q:2. How much does a physical therapist make an hour in New York?

In case you’re looking for a new career that doesn’t feel like work, the average salary of physical therapists in New York was $90,880.

Q:3. How much does a physical therapist make an hour in Florida?

A study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that physical therapists in Florida earn more than double what they do elsewhere, earning an average salary of $85,410. The discrepancy is even greater for those practicing within the state’s largest metropolitan area.

Q:4. How much does a physical therapist make an hour in Texas?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of May 2020, the hourly mean wage of a physical therapist is $43.69, as well as the annual mean wage, is  $ 90,870 in Texas.


If you ask a physical therapist, how much does a physical therapist make an hour? They’ll most likely tell you they make $100 per hour. That is until you mention how much they make in salary and benefits. That’s when the answers change, and the physical therapist will proudly tell you that they make $75 an hour. But that is until you ask how much they make in salary and benefits when they are forced to admit that they make $55 an hour. But that is, until you ask how.

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