How Much Does Insurance Pay For Massage Therapy

Most of the time, when a doctor prescribes something, people go to the pharmacies. However, it does not apply to some medical conditions like massage therapy. So considering your medical condition, your doctor can prescribe you massage therapy.

Massage therapy has been proven to be beneficial for health. It improves our blood circulation, relieving pain and stress, muscle tension, etc., so you may wonder how much does insurance pay for massage therapy. It depends on the policy you have. Despite this, not all insurance companies do not cover massage therapy because they perceive it as not part of a medical condition.

The purpose of this article is to discuss all the formalities of massage therapy coverage by the insurer.

When Will Your Insurance Cover Massage Therapy?

You should know that insurance policies do not cover all massage therapy. Not all massage therapy is part of a medical condition.

The definition of massage therapy is different from the insurance company’s. So first, they will check why Massage therapy is needed or wanted. Then, if it fits their condition, they will pay for the massage therapy. Unfortunately, there are no usual insurance policies that cover massage therapy. But there is some condition where the insurer covers massage therapy. Let’s see them.

  • If any professional doctor recommends the prescription.
  • If it is required for medical compulsory,
  • If it full fills the insurance company’s policies.
  • If it fits under the “habilitative or habilitation’ treatment category. /
  • If it’s a part of any acute phase of your medical treatment.

How Much Does Insurance Pay For Massage Therapy?

The big question is whether the insurance will pay for the massage therapy. If so, how much will it cover? It depends on your insurance coverage. Before appointing any massage therapist, call your insurance agency and ask about deductibles and compensations. Then you can calculate how much your session will cost and how much you have to pay for yourself.

Usually, if the treatment is medically necessary or fits the company’s criteria, they cover it, and you are repaid. However, most insurance companies think massage is a luxury needed to relax, so that they won’t cover it up. The thing to remember when making an appointment with a massage therapist is that you should always contact your insurance company before making the appointment

What to Do If Your Insurance Doesn’t Cover Massage Therapy

It’s expected that most insurance companies don’t want to cover massage therapy. But there are some other options. So you do not need to feel worried.

You can set up with health saving account (HAS) by yourself. It helps you accumulate money for medical expenses, which the government won’t apply to tax for that money. You can save a lot more over time because the funds have continued. But you must remember that you have to pay a high deductible insurance plan for HSA.

According to HSA Store websites, patients who receive a doctor’s recommendation to attend massage therapy. They must get a letter stating the medical necessity before leaving. This letter proves that a doctor has prescribed massage therapy based on your need to improve your condition.

Additionally, you can look for coupons online or find where you get massages through an association program. In that, you can get reductions on your medical bill.

How Can You Check to See If Your Insurance Covers Massage Therapy or Not?

Before scheduling your session with a therapist, ensure that your insurance covers the massage therapy. You should do this two things:

  1. Call your insurance company to find out if massage therapy is protected under your plan.
  2. Call a massage therapist and request them if they can help you get the treatment covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to locate an insurance-accepting massage therapist?

To identify massage therapists that accept your insurance, check your insurance network. Then, call individual providers to see whether they take your insurance and if a doctor’s recommendation is needed. Then, before receiving services, make sure they accept your coverage.

Can massage be insured?

If prescribed by a doctor, some health insurance covers massage treatment. However, most insurance companies consider massage therapy a luxury or alternative solution. Thus they won’t pay for it.

Why doesn’t massage always get paid for by insurance?

Massage therapy is a substitute treatment; most insurance companies won’t pay for it immediately. Most of the time, this problem can be resolved by a recommendation from a licensed medical provider.

What insurance pays for massage therapy?

If you require a massage for medical reasons or if your doctor tells you to get one, your health insurance may compensate for it. Before you get a massage, you should crisscross with your insurance company to see if it will be covered.


We sincerely hope you found the answer you are looking for. How Much Does Insurance Pay For Massage Therapy? It must be shown that massage therapy is medically necessary and prescribed by any medical professional if you want to be covered by the insurance company. . Or else you have to use your account to pay for it.

We also discussed when the insurance company will pay for it and what to do if they don’t. I also answered some most common questions—no need to worry anymore. Just talk to your doctor about all of these possibilities. After that, if your doctor tells you to get massage therapy for your medical improvement, you may be able to use your insurance to compensate for it.

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