Iphone Vs Android Battery Life

Are you confused about which phone you should buy? It’s a topic that’s been causing heated discussions for years: iPhone vs Android battery life. There are several methods to compare the battery life of Android phones and iPhones. I’ll be analyzing these two popular smartphone brands from an objective point of view. The consideration among several factors like display size, camera, available memory, and more.

Both brands have their own way of establishing themselves as a great band. iPhones have several characteristics that make them great for users. Similarly, Android also has some features that make it popular to the users. So, which operating system should we choose? In this content, I’ll reveal all the factors that you never heard from someone. So, without further discussion, let’s get started!

What is the definition of good battery life?

Good battery life is hard to define because it’s subjective. The length of time that a battery can function without needing to be recharged is described as the battery’s lifespan.

Lithium ion batteries have a long lifespan. Batteries hold a charge for a certain number of years, and then they start to lose their ability to recharge.

You can slow down the loss of battery life by not allowing it to stay on too long. To keep your battery healthy, regularly calibrate it. iPhone and Android both have their specialty in battery lifespan.

iPhone vs Android battery life: Which one has a better battery life?

We always hear about a controversy between Android and iPhone users. Which battery is the best, iPhone or Android? In this section, we will try to describe it from a different perspective. Let’s have a look:

#1 Lifespan Factor.

Androids die faster, and iPhones with a longer life are more expensive. iPhones have a longer battery life and can last for years on a single charge. Android phones can start to slow down significantly after about 2 years.

It just makes sense to spend your money on an iPhone because it’ll last longer and perform better than other phones. If you think about a phone’s lifespan. But if your budget is short then you should go with Android. Android has a super fast charging system. So, you can frequently charge them.

#2 In longest battery facts

If you ask me,” Which phone has the longest battery life?”. The answer is simple. Android has the longest battery than the iPhone.

Having a phone with a long battery life is important because we spend a lot of time on our phones. Smartphone battery life ranges from 6 hours to 30 hours.

Android phones have the longest battery than iPhones. The iPhone’s battery size is comparatively smaller than an Android phone.

#3 Charging time facts

Android phones with bigger screens like tablets tend to have shorter battery lives. On the other hand, the iPhone does have not extra large screen but its lifespan is pretty good.

It’s not good to charge your phone all the way until it is fully charged. The bigger the battery, time is needed until full charge. It happens on Android devices.

But, iPhones take little time to charge compared to Android because of its sizes.

 #4 In battery capacity

IOS is a closed-source operating system where Android is an open source operating system. Low battery capacity in smartphones may give you problems in completing your work. Smartphone battery capacity is increasing day by day with their evolving technology.

The battery power of an Android is higher than that of an iPhone. Android is a leading and popular brand for its higher battery capacity than iPhone. The highest battery capacity of an Android is up to 5000 amp where iPhone’s latest version iPhone 13 Pro Max has only 4000 amp.

Actually, both batteries are good from different points of view. It depends on you and the decision is yours.

7 Reasons why the iPhone consumes less battery than Android devices.

There are several reasons, the iPhone consumes less battery than the Android. Here they are:

Reason 01: The iPhone is a closed ecosystem. On the other hand, Android devices often have more RAM, which eats up power.

Reason 02: The flash in the iPhone’s camera is not as powerful as the flash in many Android devices’ cameras.

Reason 03: You can’t upgrade your iPhone’s operating system, which makes it more efficient. Android has to be updated frequently.

Reason 04: Apps are coded differently for each operating system and they drain power at different rates. iPhones don’t support many apps like Android devices do.

Reason 05: iPhones use newer technology that uses less battery than older Android devices.

Reason 06: The iPhone doesn’t play flash-based games that are common on Android devices. It doesn’t support third-party browsers like other Android devices do.

Reasons 07: The iPhone uses a proprietary operating system that’s lightweight. Android devices run on an open-source operating system. This isn’t optimized for a particular hardware.

From this point of view, the iPhone consumes less battery than the Android. But if you think overall, you will get so many app facilities in Android that you don’t get in an iPhone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Android battery.

Everything has an advantage and disadvantage.  Android batteries have them too! In this section you will know about the advantages and disadvantages of an Android battery. You can use this information to help you make an informed decision on whether buying an Android phone is a good idea or not. Let’s have a look:


  • Android battery comes with a lot of power.
  • Android batteries usually last longer than iPhone batteries.
  • Android batteries can be changed easily and cheaply.
  • You don’t have to charge frequently because of its large capacity.
  • A lot of people are switching to Android phones because they want great battery life.


  • The hardware on Android devices (smartphones)consumes the battery very fast.
  • Most Android apps keep running in the background and it damages the battery life in a way.

So, here are the advantages and disadvantages of an Android battery. If you haven’t any problems with these, then you can go with an Android phone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone battery.

iPhone’s battery has also some pros and cons like an Android battery. If you are thinking about buying an iPhone then you should consider the following pros and cons.


  • Lithium battery is the most common type of battery used in iPhones.
  • It is rechargeable, environment-friendly, and has a long lifetime.
  • With high-quality material, the iPhone’s basic equipment can be guaranteed for quality.
  • Proper design of a device can help to improve the battery life and ultimately, the user experience.


  • You can not remove or change it by yourself. You have to take help from the professionals.
  • The iPhone’s battery capacity is not very high. So, it drains fast.

Final word

Battery is the point that comes to our mind when we decide to buy a phone. So, which phone’s battery life is the best? iPhone vs Android battery life. It is a controversial topic.

Before purchasing an iPhone or Android, you should consider charging duration, lifespan, and capacity as well. Actually, it depends on your lifestyle. The iPhone has some special facilities like a camera, security, and performance. On the other hand, you will get app facilities, and large battery capacity at a reasonable price on Android.

So, guys, the decision is yours. Which facilities do you like most? You can share your opinion by leaving a small comment. Thank you!

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