Is Therapy Twice A Week Too Much?

Hearing it at first will seem like- yes, it is too much. But the answer is no. If you go to a therapist twice a week, this will make your brain function more powerful. Besides, you will see some lasting changes in yourself. And if you think it’s getting hard to accomplish your goal or dilute your treatment, therapy twice a week is great.

Anyways, therapy more than once a week is not preferable every time. And in some cases, two sessions in a week seems like a need for the clients.

To understand the depth of this concept, keep reading.

Is Therapy Twice A Week Too Much? What Can Be The Reasons?

You can see in many articles that therapists always suggest their clients have a session once a week. Also, most clients don’t think getting therapy more than once a week is necessary. You can relate to the reasons below:

Hard To Afford

It completely depends on you if the therapy session twice a week is too much for you. Since therapy is expensive and hard to afford, the insurance company may dictate to you in this part. Insurance companies generally don’t pay for therapies more than once a week. So if you need two sessions weekly, you will have to pay for the other one. So, this is one thing why therapy twice a week is too much.

If Doctors Don’t Recommend

Another reason can be doctors’ advice. The majority of therapy patients go to sessions once a week. Perhaps, it can be once in two weeks as well. Most therapists say that too much time between sessions is not recommended. So, maintaining a specific timespan is also a reason that therapy twice a week is too much.

Gives No Time For Internal Processing

When you go for therapy sessions once a week, that six-day break will allow you to do some internal processing. Besides, you will get the chance to execute the newly learned techniques from your therapist.

Therapy Twice A Week Is Required Often: Reasons

Getting therapy two times a week is not what most therapists recommend. There are some reasons why therapy twice a week is necessary. Such as:

Learning Skills And Regulating Emotions

Sometimes it becomes obligatory to have two sessions in a week. Once a week is not enough. For example, a patient suffering from dialectical behavior requires therapy more often as he needs to work on his learning skills and regulating emotions.

Nature Of Conversation Develops

When you go to your therapist twice a week, you will see that the nature of the conversation is changed a bit. Therapies are not to be done based on the therapists’ likes and dislikes. It will be done based on the client’s needs and wants.

Allows The Topic To Go Deeper

You may miss larger issues if you go to your therapist only once a week. We have seen many patients who come for therapy twice a week, which allows their topic to go deeper.

Clients Feel Stronger In Frequent Contacts

Traditions like- psychodynamic and psychoanalytic cannot be adjusted without therapy sessions twice or thrice a week. Those who suffer from this complication have to struggle and need to contact their therapies urgently.

His practitioner will console him and motivate him, which will make the patient stronger. Some researchers recommend having Psychodynamic therapy twice a week. It feels like you were in a terrible situation, and someone was there for you.

Gives A Relaxation Of Defense

During the intense period, the clients get the courage to work actively after consulting with their therapist. Besides, lots of issues bring trauma and hallucinations to the fore. In that case, relieving the feelings frequently to the therapist can make the clients feel better.

Clients Who Need Therapy Twice A Week

Clients Who Need Therapy Twice A Week

Clients who are in crisis

Some clients do not have a good effect on their ability to function. So before they fall apart, another session is required for them.

Suppose a client transpired his therapy session in a day, and then he felt better that time. But a few days later, his condition will deteriorate, and the progress he has made will start to evaporate. In such cases, therapy twice a week is valid.

Clients who have a personality disorder

People who have PDs, go through painful feelings often. The old traumas start to haunt them whenever they try to do something new. Thus, it is also possible that those clients can get back to the destructive destruction. If the client comes for therapy and works on his newly surfacing feelings, his disorder may come into control. So I don’t think a therapy session once a week can be adequate for such patients. Or else the therapist has to start everything from scratch. If the client’s personality disorder is more severe or the level of functioning is much lower, he may require multiple weekly sessions.

Clients who are in time frame

One of the most time-consuming therapies is psychotherapy. But all the clients do not have that much time; he may want to progress earlier. If he can afford and tolerate frequent therapy once a week, then therapy twice a week would not be a big deal for him.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to reduce therapy sessions?

A client can reduce therapy sessions only if his therapist suggests. However, the consent of the client plays a role too. As a rule of thumb, therapy should be temporary and not continue for a lifetime. Eventually, your therapy will work. And when you see that your goals are accomplished, it’s time to reduce your therapy sessions.

How many sessions of therapy?

The most productive therapy sessions a client should incorporate throughout his life is 12 to 16 sessions. However, the typical time is one session once a week for about 45 minutes. Some researchers suggest having one therapy session a week, continuing for 3 to 4 months.

How to know if you need therapy twice a week?

There are lots of people who go through a lot of crises. A therapy session once a week will not be enough for them. Such requirements may take a rise in various forms. Suppose your mental health is preventing you from going to work. Or maybe your safety comes into question because of your delicate mental health. In that case, nothing but therapy twice a week will be really helpful.


So far, the discussion made it clear that therapy once or twice a week depends on us and the therapist’s suggestion. It can happen that a person who walks with a crutch won’t know about his improvement.

He may not know that he can even walk without the crutch until it’s taken from him. In the same way, you need to test yourself.

If you see your mental condition improving daily, I don’t think therapy twice a week is necessary for you. Or, if you are in crisis and need mental help, you must keep having sessions twice a week.

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