Red Light Therapy vs Coolsculpting

Light therapy and Cool Sculpting are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States today. In fact, you’ve probably seen an infomercial or two about them! But what’s the difference between red light therapy vs cool sculpting? Which one should you choose if you’re trying to get rid of that pesky fat?

We’re going to hopefully shed some light on this topic today and give you some of the differences and similarities between the two. If you’re interested in learning more about red light therapy vs coolsculpting, then keep reading for some more information.

All About Red Light Therapy vs Coolsculpting

Red light therapy and cool sculpting are two different types of non-surgical treatments that can help you get the body you want without invasive surgery or painful recovery times. But which one is right for you?

How They’re Different

There are some key differences between red light therapy and cool sculpting. So read on to learn more about each type of treatment and how to choose the one that’s best for your personal fitness goals.

  • Working process: The first difference between red light therapy and cool sculpting is in how the treatments work to remove fat. Cool Sculpting freezes fat cells, whereas red light therapy heats them so they break down on their own over time through a process called apoptosis.
  • Other necessity: The second difference between red light therapy and cool sculpting is that both are non-invasive. Only cool sculpting requires you to have an initial office visit before it can be done at home, whereas with red light therapy, you can start your sessions right away in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, red light therapy does not require an anesthetic cream, whereas cool clapping does.
  • Treatment area: The entire body is the treatment region in red light therapy. Unlike cool clapping, which targets the stomach, tummy, hips, love handles, and thighs.
  • Output time: The effects of Cool sculpting become visible after around 3 or 4 months while red light therapy does not require too much time. Red light therapy sessions typically last between 30 and 60 minutes at each location, however, they only last between 10 and 40 minutes.
  • Cost: And finally, there are major differences in cost. Cool sculpting is also much more expensive than red light therapy. Cool sculpting costs an average range of around $700- $3000 per treatment with 2/3 treatment needed while red light therapy costs as little as $30 a session.

How They’re Similar

When it comes to losing weight and improving your physical health, the latest technology has made things much easier for the average person. This improvement is in terms of results, treatment length, and costs. Both red light therapy and cool sculpting have been gaining popularity over the past few years because of their results. Some similarities between these two treatments:

  • Both red light therapy and cool sculpting are FDA-approved treatments that use energy to penetrate your skin to reduce fat and improve areas of cellulite.
  • They’re both relatively painless, safe, non-invasive treatments that can give you noticeable results in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Both treatments have been shown to reduce fat cells by increasing collagen production, which gives skin a tighter appearance.

CoolSculpting in Detail

CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, has been around for a while now. The initial Coolsculpting procedure was created in the early 2000s by two Harvard University doctors. Diabetes and obesity were among the first medical disorders that the procedure was utilized to address. However, the FDA didn’t authorize Coolsculpting for fat reduction until 2010.

It was marketed primarily as a way to reduce fat deposits in localized areas of your body with prolonged cold exposure. It has since expanded to be able to help with weight loss as well as skin tightening and cellulite reduction in more sensitive areas of your body, like your stomach or underarms. The procedure has also come down in price significantly over time, making it accessible for more people than ever before. The process works by targeting fat cells with a controlled cooling that leads them to crystallize internally, causing them to die off over time.

Red Light Therapy in Detail

Another new method for reducing excess fat is red light therapy, which is often referred to as infrared light or low-level laser therapy. This type of therapy works by stimulating cellular metabolism, collagen production, and cell growth to tighten loose skin or cellulite. The therapy can be done as a series of treatments at home on your own or in a clinic with professional care. It is recommended you complete 6 sessions for best results. So, red light therapy for weight loss is now a burning topic in this recent era.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does red light therapy help fat loss?

Answer: Red light can help with your weight loss, but not in the way you think. It speeds up the metabolism. Improved metabolism means that your body burns calories at a faster rate. For fat loss, it’s not just about burning calories but burning fat.  In general, you should be eating a healthy diet. When you combine red light therapy with a healthy diet, the effects are amplified. It will speed up your metabolism while you are eating healthy, and it will also intensify the fat-burning effects of your diet.

Q: Is cold laser the same as red light therapy?

Answer: Both indeed are the same, but there are a few technical differences. Cold laser treatment is the light emitted from a laser pointer. Red light therapy is derived from LEDs, which emit a wide range of light, including infrared, red, and near-infrared light. LEDs are also very popular for their low cost, ease of use, and portable nature.

Q: Can you use red light therapy after cool sculpting?

Answer: There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the individual and the specific treatment they are undergoing. Some people may find that red light therapy helps to speed up the healing process after cool sculpting, while others may not see any benefit. Ultimately, it is best to speak to your doctor or cool sculpting specialist to see if they recommend using red light therapy after your treatment.

Q: Is CoolSculpting the same as red light therapy?

Answer: CoolSculpting is a popular non-invasive fat-reduction procedure that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat cells. Red light therapy is a type of light therapy that uses red low-level lasers to stimulate collagen production and improve skin texture. Although both CoolSculpting and red light therapy can be used to improve appearance, they are not the same procedure.

Final Thoughts

Red light therapy vs cool sculpting: which is the better option for reducing fat? These days, many people are asking themselves this question. cool sculpting is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that is performed in the clinic. It uses cold temperatures to remove fat from the body through a process called acropolises.

We know you’re curious about which one to choose! What you’re looking for will determine a lot. If you want a cheaper option without surgery or needles, we recommend red light therapy. However, if you don’t mind the cost and have some extra time on your hands, cool sculpting may be better for you.

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