Can A Therapist Fill Out FMLA Paperwork

It depends on the state policy whether a therapist can fill out FMLA paperwork or not. Some states have a rule where Ph.D. level doctors to non-masters level doctors can sign the FMLA. Again, in some states, only the physicians are asked to fill out the FMLA paperwork.

Well, it’s somewhat debatable if the therapist can certify the FMLA. Besides, the employee who wants this leave must have a valid reason too. So, all employers may not give the authorization to sign the FMLA form since it needs a proper justification.

This article will tell you everything about this concept. So stay tuned.

All About FMLA

Firstly, FMLA is the short form for the Family and Medical Leave Act. It’s nothing but a certain protocol that allows the employee to take 12 weeks’ leave. This leave is unpaid and held every year. Moreover, the leave must ensure the maintenance of health benefits of the employees.

The FMLA is only approved if there is any serious health issue with the employee or his family member. Like- the birth of a child, adoption of a child, any family member who got sick, etc.

Can A Therapist Fill Out FMLA Paperwork?

According to the federal FMLA, a therapist can fill out the FMLA paperwork if he qualifies for the master’s level. However, it depends on the company’s policy if the therapist can sign the FMLA paperwork or not. Well, I saw a therapist who was allowed to sign the FMLA paperwork but yet he needed the allowance from the doctor too. So, he simply refused to sign the FMLA and send it to the doctor to certify it to reduce the hassle.

All employers won’t usually violate the law, so they would allow any healthcare provider to sign the FMLA. If you think that the FMLA is only certified by a doctor, then you are wrong.

Or if the policy of the company is, a medical doctor can only fill out the FMLA if the employee’s issue is related to medical. Again, for some companies, a therapist who wants to have the authority to sign the FMLA must be associated with a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist.

Some FMLA forms have a section for a licensed professional signature. So, all therapists may not do it either.

In some cases, the employer allows all the health care providers to perform this work. Such as nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, clinical social workers, and even Christian science practitioners. So inevitably, the therapists have the right to certify the FMLA paperwork when they raise any serious health issues or personal issues of the employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign FMLA paperwork?

Any healthcare provider can sign the FMLA Paperwork. Such as clinical psychologists, podiatrists, chiropractors, or optometrists. The employer will accept the certification of the healthcare provider if the employer benefits from him. Besides, if the condition of the employee is serious, the employer may allow any healthcare providers to certify the FMLA paperwork.

Can a physical therapist fill out FMLA paperwork?

Yes, a physical therapist can fill out FMLA paperwork if he has the qualifications and willingness to do that. Because it has never happened that if a psychiatrist doesn’t want to; he has not been forced to certify FMLA paperwork.

Can a specialist fill out FMLA paperwork?

As said before, any healthcare provider can fill out the FMLA paperwork. For example- chiropractors, psychologists, dentists, podiatrists, or any specialist can fill out the FMLA paperwork. Even in some companies the clinical social workers, nurse-midwives, and the PA can certify the FMLA if the employer allows it.

What to do when a doctor refuses to fill out FMLA paperwork?

When the doctor refuses to fill out FMLA paperwork, you must inform your employer through written documentation. This will help to remain out of any dispute. Especially when your employer pushes you for the FMLA paperwork, then you must mandatorily tell him that the doctor has refused to certify it.

Can an employee take FMLA for depression and anxiety?

Yes, employees can take FMLA for depression and anxiety as well. We know the employer will allow the FMLA paperwork if any health issue arises from the employee’s perspective. This health issue also includes mental health issues.


It’s quite clear to us that a therapist can fill out the FMLA paperwork if he is eligible for that. However, not all employers allow the therapist to certify the FMLA form.

Some company policies have, that only the physician or doctor can fill out the FMLA if the employee’s issue is medical-related. In some companies, nurse practitioners or physician assistants are allowed to fill out the FMLA form.

For example- companies in Texas, Georgia, and California give healthcare providers including therapists to certify the FMLA form.

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