Can Massage Therapists Feel Your Energy?

Yes, a massage therapist can feel the energy that is released during the massage session.

Suppose, you went for professional massage therapy. There you will see, that the therapist will focus on some parts of your body where the tension creates a knot.

Such as the back, neck, shoulder, head, etc. After some time, when the practitioner is not even touching you, you can still feel his touch. It’s because your energy is released even after the elimination of energy.

In this article, we are going to discuss how the therapist releases the energy and feels them.

Can Massage Therapists Feel Your Energy?

When the body gets energetic it starts to release heat, and we address this heat as energy. Now the question is, how can this energy be felt? Let’s know about it below:

Fluid circulation occurs in the body

Usually, there occurs a circulation of fluid in the body which is termed an energetic process. Both the heat and fluid circulation allow the therapist to feel your energy.

Anyways, to feel that energy therapist must be sensitive to the client’s energetic body. Because the body is the primary system where the practitioner can address the massage process.

The energy released in the form of vibration

In some cases, facial massage therapies feel the skin vibration of the clients. This vibration is nothing but the release of energy.

Release Of Energy

Blockage of electromagnetic energy

In general, our body goes to electromagnetic energy within some specific currents. And sometimes, these currents get blocked due to some interruptions. At that time, the therapist addresses the blockages and makes sure that they are released and get back to normal situations.

The therapist sends Universal life force energy

Well, the trained therapist sends the universal life force energy without getting tired. Afterward, he strikes the possibilities that can affect the client’s energy flow and sense of healing energy to that part. Alongside, the client will get a sensation of high vibration frequencies as well.

Responding to frequencies

When the client responds to these frequencies, we refer to it as “energetic field resonance”. This is how the client gets access to more energy which lets the cells expunge toxins. Or you can say, the client releases energy at that time. This can come in a form of deep relaxation, perspiration, laughter, etc.

Elimination Of Knots

Knots that occur due to overworking accidents or traumatization, get released when the therapist puts a compression. They see where the tensions have made a knot in the back neck and shoulder. The massage therapist mainly uses their elbow, thumb, or fingers to give a compression continuing for 20 to 30 seconds.

A feeling of knot elimination

Nonetheless, therapists have been trained professionally and doing their job for a long time. Besides, they know if the knots are released or not as they are trained for that.

The compression that therapists give to the knotted areas is called “sustained compression”. It can make the clients feel a little bit of pain. Yet, knot elimination tends to be accomplished if the person having a massage focuses on his breathing. This will help the therapist to feel the energy that is being released.

Energywork Can Exhaust Therapist

If you see a person who is having a massage, release energy continuously. Because of this, the therapist feels that energy and often gets exhausted.

Don’t think that therapists transpire fatigue because of physical exertion only. Instead, they feel fatigued because they have to keep processing the energetic releases from the clients.

Massage Therapist Can Feel

Body parts that release energy

No doubt, massage therapy acts like a healing practice. The room where the massage is done is adorned with soft music candles, and dim lighting. The only thing that changes the atmosphere, is the flow of energy in the client’s body. If you are a professional massage therapist you must have felt the cerebral spinal fluid that flows from the brain to the spine. Other parts that release energy are pulses, trigger points, muscles, etc.

Stress in a form of “holding patterns”

Don’t think that a massage therapist can only feel the release of energy from the body. He can also easily predict whether you work out and do any stretching or not. Because what type of activity you do accumulates stress in your body. This stress then takes the form of “holding patterns” which are easy for a therapist to identify.

A massage therapist detects body exertions simply

A masseuse not only detects the energy relaxation by touching the body but also sees the mood and behavior of the client.

For example, a client suffers chronic pain in his shoulder. In such a condition, he would be sleeping on that part where he has chronic shoulder pain. Or maybe, he carries his belongings to that site.

Such imbalances can be an easy sign for the therapist to know about his problem even before the client says it. In the same way, if a client feels comfortable and leaves his body on the table and feels happy the masseuse will understand easily that he is releasing energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can massage therapists feel your knots?

Massage therapists can feel the knots by stroking the back, shoulder, and neck. These are the places where the tensions get a knot. To release the knot, the therapists apply a deep compression for about 20 to 30 seconds.

How do massage therapists not get tired?

There are a few things that massage therapists do to prevent fatigue or burnout. For instance, they eat properly, perform yoga, exercise, and minimize stress to certain massages.

Do massage therapists like their job?

Well, it depends on the therapist who likes or hates their job. For instance, some therapists love giving relaxation to clients and seeing the difference before they give a massage and after they give a massage. Whereas, some therapists feel burnout and fatigue which is the worst thing about being a massage therapist.

How does a massage therapist protect energy?

To protect the energy, a massage therapist will first create a bubble around him and the client. Then he will make sure that the energy is cleared. Again, bathing in spasms is also helpful for getting calm and relaxed.


Yes, he will feel the energy that a client releases. The indications like the client feeling comfortable and happy the holding patterns in the body getting released the knot starting to be eliminated are enough for the message to understand.

Agree or not, this type of energy relaxation can cause burnout for the therapist as he would be putting compression continuously. Some misuse says-“I regret being a massage therapist”.

The only reason is the fat that occurs on them. However, the therapists Who love their job, never mind releasing the tension and energy that has been bothering the clients.

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