Is Red Light Therapy Dangerous for Eyes?

If you’re looking for solutions to your eyesight problems, red light therapy may be the answer. However some people worry that red light therapy could hurt their eyes, so they wonder if red light therapy is safe for the eyes. Instead of being dangerous, red light can be a natural healing protector for the eyes, … Read more

Is My Therapist Trying To Get Rid Of Me

Is My Therapist Trying To Get Rid Of Me

Your therapist would never want to get rid of you because of his issues. However, his family problems or his office problems can make him reschedule the sessions. Most of the time, when a therapist can’t give time to his client due to crucial problems, the clients may think that their therapists want to get … Read more

Is My Therapist Tired Of Me

Is My Therapist Tired Of Me

Yes, your therapist can get tired of you if there is any reason like that. You can feel that when your therapist is not actively participating in the sessions. Or maybe he is not even interested in talking with you. But I think a professional therapist is never tired of his clients. His job shall … Read more

Is It Difficult To Get A Job As A Music Therapist

No, it’s not a difficult thing unless you are prepared with some terms. Like- educational qualification, training, courses, skills, understanding of languages, and many more. For those who are questioning- Is music therapy a good career or not? It is a good career. It involves clinical and musical education, where the main aim is to … Read more

Is Hot Stone Massage Worth It?

Is Hot Stone Massage Worth It

If you’re looking for a relaxing massage that can also help relieve pain, you might be interested in a hot stone massage. But is a hot stone massage worth it? Are hot stone massages effective? Maybe you’ve already had one, and it wasn’t quite what you expected, or maybe you were just interested in learning … Read more

Is Hot Stone Massage Covered By Insurance?

If you’ve ever received a hot stone massage, you already know how incredibly relaxing and soothing the treatment can be. If you’re looking to experience the magic of hot stone massage, but are worried about cost. You’ll want to make sure your insurance will cover this option for your healthcare needs. For thousands of years, … Read more

How Much Does Insurance Pay For Massage Therapy

Most of the time, when a doctor prescribes something, people go to the pharmacies. However, it does not apply to some medical conditions like massage therapy. So considering your medical condition, your doctor can prescribe you massage therapy. Massage therapy has been proven to be beneficial for health. It improves our blood circulation, relieving pain … Read more

I Miss My Therapist

When we start therapy, we can easily get attached to our therapists. I mean, why not? They help us figure out our thoughts and emotions and provide a listening ear during our tough times. So it’s very evident for us to get closer to them. But eventually, we have to say goodbye. It can be … Read more

How to Use Red Light Therapy for Thyroid

If you’re struggling with thyroid issues, you may be considering red light therapy as a possible treatment option. While red light therapy has shown promise in the treatment of thyroid disorders, it’s important to remember that this therapy is still relatively new. To ascertain its long-term efficacy and safety, more research is required. As with … Read more

How to tell if your therapist likes you?

How to tell if your therapist likes you

You can easily say if your therapist likes you or not by noticing his interactions. Well, a professional therapist will prioritize his client first. So it’s obvious for him to like his client. All that should matter is his “liking” should not cross the line. You like your therapist, your therapist likes you. This is … Read more