Can I Use Red Light Therapy After Microneedling?

Micro needling and red light therapy are both popular non-invasive methods to smooth, brighten, and tighten the skin’s appearance. with microneedling being used as a treatment to improve fine lines and acne scars, while red light therapy can be used as an anti-aging treatment. But Can I use red light therapy after microneedling? We spoke … Read more

Can I Lose Weight by Walking 30 Minutes Every Day?

Most people are aware of the health benefits of walking. It’s an easy way to get in some physical activity and keep your heart healthy. But can you lose weight by walking for 30 minutes a day? The short answer is “yes”. It all depends on how much you weigh and how you choose to … Read more

Can A Therapist Fill Out FMLA Paperwork

It depends on the state policy whether a therapist can fill out FMLA paperwork or not. Some states have a rule where Ph.D. level doctors to non-masters level doctors can sign the FMLA. Again, in some states, only the physicians are asked to fill out the FMLA paperwork. Well, it’s somewhat debatable if the therapist … Read more

Can A Massage Therapist Become A Physiotherapist

Yes, a massage therapist can become a physical therapist if he has a bachelor’s degree. Other than that, the physical therapy program, taking exams, and obtaining a license as a physical therapist are also mandatory requirements. If you see, physiotherapists have a great demand. When a patient transpires any sort of injury, the doctor will … Read more

Is Occupational Therapy School Harder Than Nursing?

We need to look at the curriculum and clinical hours for both of these professions. Occupational therapy schools are not the easy route to a degree. OT programs require graduate-level study and nurses only need an associate, while in some ways they have more similarities than differences (both involve patient care), it’s still not as … Read more

Is It Hard to Become a Physical Therapist?

If you’re thinking about becoming a physical therapist, then it is natural to think about the question. It’s important to note that this occupation is in high demand. That demand means an overwhelming number of physical therapist positions are available for the taking. But it also means competition for those positions is fierce. The profession … Read more

Is a Speech Pathologist a Doctor?

A speech pathologist is a medical practitioner specialist, but not a medical doctor. They are not considered medical doctors for licensure. This means they are able to practice medicine without having to go through all the formal training, for example, medical school, residency, and further specialties. This does not mean that they are less qualified … Read more

Iphone Vs Android Battery Life

Are you confused about which phone you should buy? It’s a topic that’s been causing heated discussions for years: iPhone vs Android battery life. There are several methods to compare the battery life of Android phones and iPhones. I’ll be analyzing these two popular smartphone brands from an objective point of view. The consideration among … Read more

I Want My Massage Therapist to Touch Me

I don’t mean that weirdly, I just want them to put their hands on me. You’ve picked a good therapist if you want them to touch you. You might want them to use oils, put their hands on your skin, or do whatever feels right for the moment. Touch is a natural way of healing, … Read more

How to Tell Your Therapist Something Hard?

If you have already found a therapist that seems trustworthy, then how do you know how to tell your therapist something hard? When you’re in the office, it feels like they have all the power because they are the ones that know more about what you’re going through. You may be afraid of being judged … Read more